Our philosophy

Jasba Fliesen Mosaik - Philosophie

Jasba is a traditional brand which stands for quality, variety and the dedication to ceramic as a material. In 1926, the far-sighted founding father, Jakob Schwaderlapp, laid the foundations of earthenware production at Jasba Mosaik GmbH as it is today in Baumbach. Inspired in design by international cultures, the tiles are manufactured exclusively from natural raw materials mined in Germany.

Jasba Mosaik creates free space which focus on people and their well-being. At the same time, Jasba offers a high degree of pleasure, individuality and flexibility. The extensive range of sizes and colours available enables an extraordinary number of design variations. To this aim, Jasba offers a comprehensive interior concept from filigree 1 x 1 cm -mosaics to co-ordinated wall and floor tiles in 40 x 80 cm format. The shining glazes and fine structures offered by Jasba create a very special atmosphere. With the result that there’s no limit to the design possibilities offered by Jasba – to people who have their own particular style and a desire to attribute a special atmosphere to their homes.